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Data is supplied by Reading Borough Councils Open Data Scheme and updated every 5 minutes
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There seems to be a problem with the car park data we are recieveing from Reading Borough Councils Open Data Scheme. This does happen from time to time and should fix itself shortly. The last data we recieved was 5 months 27 days 1 hour 1 minute and 29 seconds ago
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Live Bus Route Status

10Minor Delays
Bronze 11Minor Delays
Orange 12Severe Delays
Orange 13Severe Delays
Orange 14Severe Delays
Sky Blue 15Minor Delays
15aGood Service
Purple 17Good Service
19aGood Service
19bMinor Delays
19cSevere Delays
Lime 2Severe Delays
Claret 21Severe Delays
21aGood Service
Pink 22Good Service
Pink 23Good Service
Pink 24Good Service
Pink 25Minor Delays
Claret 26Good Service
28Good Service
29Minor Delays
Lime 2aSevere Delays
Leopard 3Good Service
33Minor Delays
33aGood Service
Park N Ride 500Good Service
50aMinor Delays
51Good Service
52Good Service
Emerald 6Minor Delays
60Minor Delays
60aMinor Delays
60cMinor Delays
60mGood Service
60xMinor Delays
63Good Service
K101Severe Delays
K2Minor Delays
K2ASevere Delays
K3Severe Delays
K4Good Service
LH1Severe Delays
LH2Minor Delays
LH4Severe Delays
V1Severe Delays
V9Minor Delays
X3Good Service
X4Severe Delays